Scientist’s ‘self-aware’ research could lead to a new understanding of disease process – Science channel

Science Channel’s science channel has made headlines for its self-awareness of how it presents science in its programmes, but the science channel’s science presenter has said the series could lead people to understand disease processes.

Professor of biology Professor Robert J. Jardine from the University of Western Australia was speaking to ABC Radio’s Science in Action podcast on Thursday (local time) when he said people would see scientists working on their own research and then come away thinking about their own problems.

“The self-aware thing is the next step, to get people to look at their own science and what they’re trying to do and then look at the research that is being done,” he said.

“I think this is an exciting time in science, and the best part is we are trying to get to a place where people don’t have to think, they don’t need to be told.”

People don’t even have to say, ‘Is that a good idea?’ and they can say, what is your research looking at?

And they can look at it.

“They can think of it, and see that they are in control of what they are doing, and they are not getting stuck on what they have to do.”

Dr Jardinet said the next logical step was for the public to be able to understand how scientists are working on research, as well as how they are using their research to make life better.

“So if you look at your own research, you might look at a number of things, and one is to look for the positives and then try to replicate it, which would lead you to better outcomes, and that would help people make better decisions about their lives,” he told Science in Attack host Chris White.

“And then you could also look at how you are doing things, like by taking samples and using those samples in different experiments and so on.

So that’s an important thing to look into, because you can start to understand where you are and where your research is coming from.”

In a previous interview with Science in the UK, Professor Jardiner said the BBC and Science in Australia were on the right track, with a range of research programmes that had a range to them, including the first-ever scientific podcast, which he said was one of the most important developments in the history of science communication.

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