How NASA, SpaceX are using space technology to make a real difference in the world

The US space agency and SpaceX have teamed up to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems in space, from tracking down a massive asteroid to sending humans to Mars.

In this interview with Axios, NASA’s Chief Scientist, Bill Gerstenmaier, talks about the science and technology that makes NASA’s missions possible.

The Space Race: The NASA-SpaceX collaboration NASA and SpaceX will soon be launching missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and eventually Mars.

They’ve been working together for years, and have been using NASA’s Advanced Payload Module (APM) and the SpaceX Dragon capsule as testbeds.

The APM is a new launcher that NASA hopes will replace its older Falcon 9 rockets.

Its main mission is to send astronauts to the ISS and back again.

The Dragon capsule has been the most expensive rocket ever built, and its launch cost has been growing.

But SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is designed to be more economical than the Falcon 9, which was designed to launch satellites into low Earth orbit.

And because it has a much lower launch mass, it can carry heavier payloads to orbit.

But to get to the space station, it needs more powerful engines.

SpaceX’s latest engine, the Falcon Heavy, uses two Raptor engines that each have twice the thrust of the Falcon 8.

These engines can deliver 3,200 pounds to space, more than triple the weight of the Raptor’s Falcon 9 engine.

In this SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceX’s Elon Musk (right) sits next to the company’s chief technology officer, Brian Williams.

NASA is trying to find the best combination of engines to help keep a manned mission to Mars to be affordable, and SpaceX is trying its hand at that too.

A Falcon Heavy booster that has the ability to reach a height of nearly 10,000 feet (3,700 meters) and reach orbit is being tested for the first time by SpaceX and NASA.

This new booster has a higher payload capacity, which could allow it to launch up to 5,000 pounds (2,000 kilograms) of cargo to the station.

The new booster is being developed by SpaceX with a NASA contract.

NASA is looking to test this booster at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Space Launch Complex-39 (SLC-39) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

SpaceX is also working on a new rocket called the Falcon 10, which is designed for launches to low Earth orbits.

SpaceX hopes that this new rocket will help it to compete with Boeing for the lucrative launch contracts.

SpaceX has been working on the Falcon Rocket since 2010, when it first developed its first rocket, the first Falcon 9 rocket.

To make sure that it can stay competitive with Boeing and Boeing is testing this new booster with the same Raptor engine used in the Falcon.

The rocket is about 10 feet (4 meters) long and 10 feet wide, and it has four Merlin engines that can lift about 15,000 lb (7,000 kg) of payload to space.

This rocket is currently being developed with the Falcon Air Force Base in Florida, and NASA is currently evaluating the engine’s performance.

SpaceX recently completed a test flight with a Falcon 10 booster.

It is still unclear what role NASA will play in SpaceX’s commercial missions to Mars, but NASA and the agency have a plan to make sure the company can continue to operate safely.

NASA wants SpaceX to develop a new booster called the Merlin 1A.

This booster is designed specifically for the Mars mission.

SpaceX plans to begin testing the new booster at NASA’s Kennedy Space center and launch it into space in late 2019.

SpaceX and the US space industry are hoping to put a human mission to the Red Planet in 2020.

NASA’s goal is to have the first human mission reach Mars by 2025.

How SpaceX is saving money on launch costs NASA’s Commercial Crew program is a big part of NASA’s mission to send people to Mars and other deep-space destinations.

NASA has been developing a commercial crew vehicle for years.

The agency’s first test flight of a commercial cargo spacecraft is set to take place in 2020, and the next flight of NASA-developed space taxis is slated for 2021.

NASA and its partners are using NASA Commercial Resupply Services (CCRS) to develop cargo capsules for NASA’s commercial crew program.

The CRS program is also developing a reusable crew vehicle, known as Crew Dragon, which will fly to the moon and back on board the ISS.

NASA will use CRS to launch astronauts into deep space.

SpaceX’s Dragon capsules are used for space travel.

In 2020, SpaceX will launch a Dragon capsule to the first International Space University, a spaceport in Kazakhstan.

SpaceX also plans to launch two crewed missions to ISS later in 2020: the Crew Dragon and the Dragon 2 spacecraft.

Both missions will launch from the same pad in California.

In 2021, NASA is also planning to send a crewed Dragon 2 mission

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