When you have to choose between science and politics, the right choice is science

A science fair idea may not be a science one.

But it sure beats being a political science major who can’t decide between science or politics.

So let’s say you want to learn about a particular topic, or just want to get more involved with a particular field, and you don’t have time to get a real job.

Then you might consider a minor in politics.

“I would think that majoring in political science would be a good choice,” said Sarah Zegars, who is the president of the Association of Political Science Education and Research (APSEER), a nonprofit that represents more than 20,000 professional political science educators.

“It’s an area where you’re going to have a lot of exposure to political science,” she added.

She also noted that there’s a lot to choose from in the field.

“The diversity of political science courses is very great, with a large number of topics that are of interest to the student and a variety of types of courses that are very broad,” she said.

In addition, there are a lot more internships available than there used to be.

“There’s not as much of a barrier to entry in political studies as there was 10 or 20 years ago,” Zegarts said.

“And a lot that was available 10 years ago has been available to many students, and is available to a lot less students now.

So it is a little more open, but not as open as it was when the Obama administration started.”

For example, a new graduate degree in political psychology will be much more available to students, according to APSEER.

It is also not as easy to become a political scientist in general.

Students are not required to apply to graduate schools in psychology, political science, or economics, but APSEERS statistics show that, in 2015, there were only about 11,500 graduate psychology students in the U.S. As of this year, there is a shortage of graduate psychology PhD candidates in the United States, according a 2015 report from APSEers’ National Center for Education Statistics.

Many of the students are from high-income families and lack the required college credentials.

And some graduate psychology majors have to do a lot for their degree, which takes time.

That’s where a minor or a political sciences major comes in.

A minor in political Science has a lot in common with a major in politics, but it also has some similarities with a minor and a political arts major, said Jessica Ladd, a professor of political psychology at the University of Chicago.

Ladd said there’s more to the idea of a minor than just its educational value.

“Minor and political arts majors both have some elements of a political theory, and that is to some degree a political education,” she explained.

“A minor in psychology is more of a ‘what’s the best field for a minor’ or ‘what do you want in your minor?’ kind of thing.

It also has a political context that might be more about getting a broader understanding of the world.”

The APSEES statistics also show that there are fewer political science majors than there were 10 years earlier, but the trend has been reversed in recent years.

According to the APSE, the number of political Science majors increased from 18,942 in 2009 to 22,719 in 2015.

And the number that did not go into a minor increased from 7,082 to 7,527, as well.

“We see that, more so now than 10 years back, that there is much more diversity in political scientists,” Zekars said.

And there are still plenty of candidates who have a minor degree.

“They have the opportunity to work in different fields, or even a career path,” Ziegars said, adding that it is important for students to look beyond the academic requirements to make an informed decision.

The fact that there aren’t more major political science degree programs means that students who have minor degrees can focus more on the field, which could make it more appealing to them.

“This is a much more interesting field than it used to have been,” Zhenars said of the field of political studies.

“But if you can’t find a major, and have to find something that is more interesting, I think you’ll have a much harder time getting in.”

It’s not just about the money: Getting a minor can be a valuable experience, Zegart said.

She added that a minor could also give students a boost to their résumés.

“Students who don’t go into the major are going to be much less likely to be considered for jobs that are available to them,” she suggested.

“So it’s a great way to develop your skills in the area of your minor.”

And if you are interested in applying to major in political or political science at your university, there’s still plenty to choose.

“If you are an undergraduate or

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