Scientists discover new type of ‘superconductor’ in graphene

A research team from King’s College London have identified a new type in graphene that can form superconductors and also be used to build a superconducting electronic device. 

The team, led by Professor Ravi Datar from the School of Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, discovered the new material, called R1, and reported their discovery today (April 11) in Nature Communications. 

Their discovery is an important step towards the development of superconductivity-based electronic devices, including the first quantum computers. 

“We were able to describe a new class of materials that are extremely useful in electronic devices,” said Datar.

“They are very efficient at conducting electricity, but we know that they have also the potential to be superconductive.” 

“The research is extremely exciting because the properties of graphene are very different from those of the normal semiconducting material graphene.” 

Graphene is a crystalline layer of carbon atoms.

It’s composed of atoms of carbon, silicon, iron, and oxygen.

Its atomic structure makes it a good conductor of electricity, which is important for electronic devices. 

According to Professor David Kipnis, professor of physics at King’s, this new material has a “very interesting structure, but the physics is very new and the experimental design has not been done yet.” 

Kipnis was part of a team led by Dr. Yuriy Zemlian, from the University of Michigan, that discovered the previously unidentified superconductor, called S1, in 2014. 

Scientists have long wondered how graphene can be super-conducting and still be used as a semiconductor. 

Glyphosate was discovered to be a common ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, and has been linked to cancer. 

To solve this problem, Datar and his colleagues had to investigate how the two materials interact. 

They found that the two elements work in concert, and are capable of switching on and off as needed, as shown in the diagram below. 

This arrangement is similar to the way graphene is used to make electronic devices such as transistors and transistors’ transistors. 

In order to make the device, Darsat and his team coated graphene with the S1 material, and placed it in a “superconducting” state. 

Superconductivity is a state of super-position, where an electric field does not interact with an electric current. 

Normally, when an electric charge is applied to a material, it causes the material to move from its normal state, or “condensation” state, to one of its superconductant states. 

When an electric potential is applied, it changes the properties or behavior of the material, such as its electrical conductivity or resistance to an electric force. 

But graphene does not do this. 

Instead, graphene conducts electricity, just like the semiconductor silicon. 

However, the S 1 material does not conduct electricity. 

Darsat explained that this is because it is not a material that can absorb electrons. 

It is actually a superconditator, meaning that the electrons are trapped inside the material. 

So while graphene could theoretically be used for making superconducted electronics, its primary use is as a conductor of electric fields. 

Using the “superconditioned” graphene as a super conductor of a field could allow the device to use graphene to form an electronic device, which could potentially help solve some of the problems associated with current electronic devices being made with conventional materials. 

Other scientists are now using graphene to make ultra-thin electronic devices that can be assembled into a large-scale device.

These devices could be used in mobile devices, such a cell phone or computer. 

Researchers hope that the work will open up new possibilities for future devices and could lead to better, cheaper electronics. 

[The above article was originally published on March 14, 2018.

It has been updated to reflect recent news.]

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