Science for kids: Science Fiction for kids

The Science for Kids Museum is taking over the Space Needle in Washington, D.C., and its opening on Friday is the culmination of a yearlong fundraising campaign.

The museum is dedicated to creating an educational space where kids can learn about science and technology, and to promoting science in the arts and entertainment.

The Science for Children museum, which opens Friday, is the result of an initiative led by the Smithsonian Institution.

In 2016, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) created the Science for Education program to promote science and literacy in the United States.

NMAAHC also launched the Science Fund, which supports the Smithsonian and other institutions to provide funding for STEM programs.

In 2016, more than $1.5 million was donated by Smithsonian institutions and foundations to the Science For Children Museum.

That’s more than all of the Smithsonian Libraries, which had collected more than half of the money, and about $5.2 million from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Smithsonian has also committed $4 million for STEM initiatives.

The museum will have the ability to show a variety of movies, videos, books and other media.

It will also host a variety show that will feature guests that include scientists, musicians, actors and musicians and scientists from all over the country.

It also will host an annual science show that features speakers that include Dr. Steven Chu and Dr. Susan Eisen.

The show will be part of the museum’s annual Science for the People series.

“We have a great vision to bring science and the arts to kids, and this is our chance to make that happen,” Smithsonian President Randal P. Hickey said in a statement.

“Through this fundraising effort, we hope to inspire young people to pursue science and be engaged in the world around them.”

The Science For Kids museum will be the second space in Washington D.c. to feature an exhibit devoted to science and will be on the ground floor of the National Mall.

The Science Center of the University of Maryland in College Park has a similar science exhibit that opened in November.

The National Museum in Washington also opened a science and science education center in March.

Science for kids is funded through a grant from the Smithsonian, and the Smithsonian Institute will host events throughout the year that celebrate the contributions of science to the arts, education and culture.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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