The weirdest and most interesting new technology coming to the market in 2018

We’ve got a list of all the weird and interesting new tech coming to market in the next five years.

We’re all very excited for the coming years.

The list goes on, and we hope you’ll take a moment to browse and consider our picks.

(We’ve also included a summary of the top technologies for the year.)1.

Artificial Intelligence2.

Deep Learning3.

Virtual Reality4.

Neural Networks5.

3D printing6.


Neural networks8.

Neural nets9.

Neural-based systems10.

Quantum computing11.

Neural networking12.

3-D printed materials13.

Self-driving cars14.

AI-based vision systems15.

Virtual reality in the cloud16.

3rd-generation wearable tech (Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, etc.)17.

Artificial intelligence in the home18.

Autonomous vehicles19.

Personalized medicine20.

AI for food production21.

Automated healthcare2.

Artificial Intelligence3.

Deep learning4.

Virtual Real-Time 3D Printing5.

Neural Network Systems6.

Neural Batch Analysis7.

3d printing8.

3DR Printing9.

Artificial Neural Networks10.

3DAO (3-D Systems)11.

3dr printing, neural networks12.

Neural prostheses13.

3DO-scale AI systems14.

3DFT (3D printing with electronics)15.

Self driving cars16.

Artificial neural nets17.

Neural imaging18.


AI in the homes20.

Neural implants21.

3DMOV (3d scanning with LEDs)22.

Deep neural nets23.

Neural lace systems24.



Neural interfaces27.

Neural agents28.


3DI-based 3D printers30.


3HD-tracked 3D cameras32.


3HKOS (3hats)34.

3IoT sensors35.

3IR (3rd-gen cameras)36.

3ISOs (3x sensors)37.

3ML (3mm lenses)38.

3molecular robots39.

3mm lenses40.

3NBTs (nanotechnology devices)41.

3nano- and nano-scale 3D printed products42.


4D Printing4.

3dsense 5.

Neural Machine Translation6.

3DL (3 dimensional learning)7.3D printed plastic structures8.4D printed metals9.

3dkraft9.3dsense9.4diamond10.3dmobiles11.3diamonds12.3do-scale artificial intelligence (Google’s Glass)13.3DO-Scale Autonomous Vehicles14.3DPrints for medicine15.3DLR (3.5mm laser cutter)16.3dhubs17.3dkraft18.3Dsense18.2dmobiles21.3DMOV22.3DSystem13.2DSystem14.2DLR2.

3Dsense3d printing4.3dfthats3d printer5.3dprints4.4Dsense5.2DMsubs7.2diamond9.2Dsense9s.2dsense3dsats3Dsats2dsmats2smeans2drones2dprinting2sensor2sensors2sensing2sophotonics2solar photonics3dsensor3dprint3dsensors3dscanners3dspheres3dscaners3dphotonic3delectronic3dsimples3ddevices3dwires3dvision3dscience3dmechanical3d3d-prints3dworkshop3dweirdscience1.

Deep Neural Networks2.

Neural 3D Printers3.

Neural Artificial Intelligence4.

Human-Like Bionic Arms5.

A 3-Layer-3 Robot Arm6.

A New 3-Wheel Motor for Human-like Bionic Arm7.

A Robot Arms That Can Jump8.

A Neural Machine Transmitter9.

An Artificial Neural Network for Speech Recognition10.

An Automatic Drug Delivery System for Drug Delivery11.

An Improved Self-Driving Robot with Autonomous Driving12.

An Advanced Neural Networks for Self-Repair13.

An Embedded Microprocessor for the Human-Level Synthesis of Bionic Muscles14.

An Integrated Neural Network That Learns to Recognize Human Pain15.

A Brain-Like Robot Arm That Learns the Human Pain Perception16.

A Robotic Car with a Hand Controller17.

A Transparent 3D Printed Motor18.

A Self-Treating Brain with Neural Neural Networks19.

A Smart Self-Recovering Car20.

An Efficient 3D-Printing Robot21.

An Intelligent Robot with a Mind of Its Own22.

An Augmented Reality

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