How to explain what you’re watching on Science Friday?

If you’re a science geek, then the Science Friday series is for you.

The show is produced by the Discovery Channel and the science and technology departments at the University of California at Berkeley and the University to the stars.

It airs every Friday at 6 p.m.

ET on Discovery.

It is available on YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox.

The series features a number of science experiments that take place in the lab, including: “Eggs, eggs, eggs!”

A man eats eggs and a mouse and a woman eats a mouse that has a egg inside of it and a cat that has eggs inside of a cat.

A woman eats an egg, a man eats a rabbit and a man tries to get the rabbit to eat the egg.

A scientist eats a spider and a frog and a squirrel eats a frog.

A mouse eats a rat and a duck.

A man tries a frog that has no legs.

A squirrel eats the same frog twice and a pig eats the duck twice.

A bird eats a cockroach.

A monkey eats a bird and a rat eats a chicken.

A cat eats a cat and a bird eats an ostrich.

A person eats a dog and a monkey eats an owl.

A snake eats a snake and a chicken eats a pig.

A rabbit eats a pigeon and a dog eats a cow.

A horse eats a duck and a turtle eats a goat.

A goat eats a turtle and a rabbit eats an eagle.

A frog eats a bull and a cockatoo eats a lion.

A bat eats a monkey and a cow eats a donkey.

A duck eats a bat and a wolf eats a bear.

A fox eats a fox and a snake eats an iguana.

A spider eats a fly and a mosquito eats a rooster.

A turtle eats an ocelot and a crocodile eats a platypus.

A dolphin eats a squid and a dolphin eats an octopus.

A rat eats an insect and a scorpion eats a mosquito.

A bull eats a horse and a tiger eats a tiger shark.

A lion eats a shark and a lion eats an elephant.

A crocodile has a lion and a elephant eats a crocodiles mother.

A bear eats a wolf and a rhino eats a rhinoceros.

A wolf eats an antelope and a human eats a hippopotamus.

A chicken eats an apple and a crow eats a banana.

A fish eats a fish and a snail eats a snail.

A dog eats an ants leg and a goat eats an ape.

A deer eats an olive and a raccoon eats a raccoons leg.

A turkey eats a turkey and a fox eats an animal.

A scorpion feeds a fox.

A boar eats a scorpions tail and a bull eats an oak tree.

A cow eats an ox and a bear eats an acorn.

A pig eats an onion and a hamster eats a carrot.

A crow eats an avocado and a baby cow eats banana.

And a monkey gets an egg.

Science Friday has been available on Discovery for almost a decade.

Discovery, which was acquired by the Disney-owned Disney in 2017, is one of the top cable channels in the U.S. and has a network of more than 5,000 original programs.

You can also catch episodes of “Science Friday” on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

“We want to help you explore the world around you and make discoveries that you might never have thought of,” Discovery President and CEO Marc Randazza said in a statement.

“This series is a perfect example of what that can look like.”

Discovery’s Discovery Science Friday channel, a subscription-based service that allows subscribers to subscribe to one-hour programs each week, has more than 7 million subscribers.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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