When you are dead, how do you feel?

When you’re dead, you’re a ghost.

But there’s a whole other layer of afterlife, where you don’t really have to die.

You’re still alive, you still have the energy of life, you can do things, you just can’t remember them.

But if you do die, that energy doesn’t go away.

That energy, it can get trapped in your brain, which is called neuro-fibromatosis, which means you can’t have memories.

You don’t have to worry about death.

The first time I died, I thought I’d died for real, and that was when I got a letter from my family saying, “You have died.

We’re really sad”.

But that was the first time, they were all saying the same thing, and they all said it as a death.

So, the next time I’m dead, they’ll be saying the exact same thing.

And the next year, when I’m older, they’re saying, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve been there too’.

So, when we talk about death, what is it really?

When I’m talking about death in this country, I think of it as when someone dies and it’s like that.

When we talk of death in the UK, we talk more of a slow death.

And then, the other thing is that you have to be alive to experience the afterlife.

It doesn’t mean that if you die, you go to heaven.

It means that you’re still here.

And there are some places that are very close to heaven, which are called hell.

There are other places that have a lot of people dying there, but you don and that’s why it’s called hell, because that’s where the worst people live.

But the fact is that when you die you have no control over that, and so it’s all your choice.

There’s no afterlife for the person who’s gone.

What you’re left with is the experience of death, which we call a post-death experience, but it’s not that.

It’s not a postmortem.

There is no physical experience, and it takes place at a different level.

You have the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

But you can also have your mind, your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts.

There aren’t any emotions, emotions are a very subjective thing, they depend on what the person is feeling, what the thought is, what’s going on in their head.

And so, they don’t go anywhere.

So there is a different experience, which can be very different depending on what you do.

But that’s not the main thing.

The main thing is when you’re alive, it’s very different, because it’s more like the life that you had before you went into this state.

You still have that energy.

And that’s the energy that you get, and you’re able to do things.

And you don, you donít have to remember them anymore.

You can do them again.

You know what I mean?

You can still do them.

You do things like, say you were going to get married, or you were gonna buy a house.

Thatís a different thing, because now you don’ít need to think about it.

You remember.

And again, that’s different from what happens in death.

You go to the afterlife, you die in that, but now, you feel a bit like a ghost, and the energy is gone, and when you wake up, you’ll remember.

So when you get a letter like that from your family, it means that it was you that died, and there is something different about it, and I think that’s what we call the afterlife experience.

So that’s how it is in the afterlife for me.

That’s what I can tell you about the physical afterlife.

So the first thing is to say that it’s a different kind of afterlife.

There will be some people that are in this physical afterlife, which you wonít remember because it was a long time ago.

There might be some who will be able to get out of there, because they will be in a much better state.

And it will be a much healthier afterlife. And I doníll be surprised if you’ll see that if theyíre young, they will look like theyíve lived through a really tough life, and will have a hard time.

There may be people that will be older, and have had a lot more problems.

But then, there are other people that you will be very familiar with.

And those people, Iím sure, will be with you for life, because you will have them in your memory.

So you can tell that person when you meet them.

They are very familiar, you know, and very likeable.

And they have a certain level of awareness that you can have with them, which I think is very interesting.

So they’re familiar, but they are also very like

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