Which jobs will be impacted by the Trump administration’s new data science jobs rule?

Data science jobs will not be impacted as the Trump Administration puts the final touches on its rule, according to the data science industry.

That follows the resignation of former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, who previously warned the administration against putting a “chained CPI” on the data that data scientists use to crunch data.

The administration says the new rule will help workers get the most value from their data by simplifying data entry and providing more tools to the scientific community to improve the quality of their work.

The rule is expected to go into effect in June.

Read more: Trump administration wants to ease data entry requirements, but won’t let you see it in action in your data lab article The Obama Administration, which put a data science requirement on the job posting process, was concerned about the impact of the new rules on job seekers, according a new report by the Institute for Science in the Public Interest (ISMPI).

The rule, which will take effect on June 16, requires applicants to provide “all of the necessary information” on a job application form to include how much time they plan to spend in the data field and the types of data they plan on using.

It also requires applicants and employers to “include all of the information requested” from applicants who want to hire a data scientist, and to include the information on “how they will use the data.”

“The rules are intended to ensure that all workers are represented on data science teams, and are designed to protect the integrity of data science by ensuring that data science positions do not be locked into particular employers and data science applicants,” the ISMIP said in its report.

The new rule also requires employers to make a “full-disclosure statement” about how data scientists and data engineers will use their skills.

It’s unclear whether employers are required to make such a statement, however, and employers could argue that it’s an administrative burden.

More from CBS News: In a statement to CBS News, the Department of Labor defended the rule, saying it is aimed at “providing certainty to all Americans” in the “fierce competitive marketplace.”

Trump has said he would take away data from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that the administration has said is a “compromise tool” that allows scientists to share their findings with each other.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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