Why are scientists so reluctant to accept Donald Trump’s climate change science?

More articles “You think you know what is happening, but it turns out you don’t,” said David R. Hirsch, a political science professor at the University of Michigan.

“You get caught in a maelstrom of uncertainty and the climate is moving through your head.”

That’s because there’s so much uncertainty around the science, he said.

For example, if you’re a scientist studying sea levels, you might be worried about how they might change, said R. Scott Hirsch , a political scientist at the U.M. and author of the book “The Climate Wars: How the World’s Climate and Political Systems Are Changing.”

But when you have an unprecedented drought, for example, you’re not thinking about the drought and you’re thinking about climate change, he explained.

Scientists have tried to grapple with the uncertainty around climate change and climate change’s impact on their careers, but often it has not been easy.

“It’s like, ‘We’re just going to get up and do it anyway,'” said Hirsch.

Scientists, who are typically the most credentialed and most experienced among us, have historically been resistant to accepting the science that’s been emerging.

That includes a study that found scientists are less likely to accept the science of global warming when it’s challenged.

That’s why there’s been a backlash against the Trump administration’s climate science.

In recent years, the White House has repeatedly tried to downplay the threat of climate change.

The administration’s position on climate change has shifted dramatically from “skepticism” to “scepticism plus” , according to an analysis by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a left-leaning think tank.

As a result, scientists have been forced to take a hard look at the data and try to reconcile the two.

In the end, scientists can’t say that global warming is a hoax, Hirsch said.

They have to accept it is a reality.

But for many, the backlash is frustrating.

It’s a difficult task, he added, because many people are so concerned about climate, and are more concerned about issues such as immigration and trade.

In fact, a recent poll found that only 15% of Americans support the federal government taking action to combat climate change while 67% said it’s a problem that should be addressed by the states.

“The climate issue is a very complex one, and it’s going to be difficult for anybody to understand what’s going on,” said H.R. Hutton, the former director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who was the first to formally recognize the connection between CO2 and climate.

Scientists also have had to grapple, however, with how to make their work more visible to the public.

For many scientists, the public is less likely than their peers to believe what they are saying, said Hutton.

But it’s still an important part of the scientific process, he noted.

“In a society where we have so many people, you have to be able to communicate and have a level of communication that is engaging and understandable to the wider public,” Hutton said.

And he added that it’s also important to have scientists speaking out against certain political candidates.

Trump’s position has made it difficult to do so, but some scientists are trying to make up for lost time.

Some have come out in support of a new climate research initiative, called “The Next Step” that aims to help the public understand how climate change impacts their lives.

The initiative will have scientists present at future U.S. congressional hearings, as well as at national conferences on the subject, said Michael Osterholm, a climate scientist at Duke University.

And the group has created an interactive map that helps people understand how their lives are affected by climate change through interactive videos.

That map includes interactive videos that illustrate the impact of climate on people in various parts of the world, he told Science Insider.

“Climate change is a complicated problem that we can’t simply dismiss,” Osterheim said.

“We have to try to understand the complexities and then make sense of it.”

Hirsch agrees.

“I am skeptical of the notion that climate change is not a serious threat,” he said, “but the science is too complex to dismiss.”

For more on this topic, read “Scientists and climate scientists disagree on Trump.”

Scientists are not the only ones who are having trouble in accepting Trump’s claims about climate science and climate science denial.

“There’s a lot of skepticism about whether there’s any evidence at all,” said Daniel S. Stern, a professor of psychology at Stanford University.

In his new book “Climate Wars: Why the World is Changing and What You Can Do About It,” Stern argues that the scientific community is failing to do its job and needs to focus more on political engagement.

That means scientists need to be more visible and more involved, he wrote.

“This is a challenge for

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