King Science, a new company that aims to create artificial intelligence, could replace doctors in the UK

King Science aims to provide a service for doctors in England to make more informed decisions about medical care.

The startup aims to become a “digital medical care company”, offering its customers access to advanced medical information, including the latest research, clinical trials and outcomes.

King Science, which will be backed by the venture capital firm Greylock Partners, is currently developing technology that could help improve the health of the millions of people who rely on hospitals for care.

It was founded by entrepreneur and medical researcher Dr. Alex Waugh and was backed by some of the world’s most influential medical experts, including King’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Parker.

The company’s products are designed to help doctors make better decisions about health and the treatment of patients, according to the company’s website.

“We are taking a big step forward in terms of making healthcare more accessible to the wider population and that is the primary goal of King Science,” Dr. Waugh said.

The technology King Science is developing, called “Medix,” uses artificial intelligence to learn from patient feedback.

It uses deep learning, or deep learning using machine learning to help the system identify which information a patient wants to see, the company said in a press release.

King is developing Medix to make doctors more aware of their own patients, by providing them with a real-time dashboard for their health care decisions.

King says it can make decisions about patient care in a way that is consistent with a doctor’s personal medical history.

The dashboard is designed to allow doctors to see how much information they need to be able to make their decisions, and to understand how patients are responding to their care, according the press release, which also highlighted the company is working on a product that will let doctors make decisions based on what they already know.

In a separate press release issued in September, King also outlined a plan to build a network of doctors and medical experts that will help patients in England with their medical care, as well as help with the delivery of healthcare.

The partnership aims to develop and deploy the Medix technology in England by 2020.

The new company is part of a larger initiative that aims at creating a digital health care service in the U.K.

The news comes as the U, U.S. and other countries have begun looking to the U to develop a similar service for its citizens.

A number of companies, including Alphabet, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, are investing heavily in health care research and development, according a recent report by the Oxford Martin School.

The report highlighted the fact that the U., which already has the highest percentage of the global population that has a doctorate in medicine, is in need of a service that can help its patients more easily get the care they need.

It also noted that a recent survey by the Royal College of Physicians, which represents doctors, found that a majority of doctors believe their patients should be able access more information on their care in the same way as other people.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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