How to fix your science lab: Get rid of all the gadgets

By STEPHANIE HANNANSTEIN, Associated Press A new generation of scientists has been building computer-controlled experiments on a laptop, using a small device with tiny sensors.

They have taken advantage of a growing number of inexpensive, high-power sensors, which can record the temperature, humidity, pressure and other environmental variables as well as the amount of oxygen in the air.

A few of these sensors, however, have been replaced by powerful machines that can do far more than record the data.

They’ve also replaced the simple computer system that the world has used for decades to record everything from weather to the position of a satellite in orbit.

Many of these machines are connected to a data center, making them difficult to replace.

The new generation is led by two Stanford professors who want to replace the traditional computer, by making it work remotely from a laptop.

They hope to develop software that could be used to make it easier to monitor and control a machine in a lab without the need for a separate computer, a large central hub or a large amount of electricity.

The researchers said they’ve developed a software platform that could replace a traditional computer that runs on a small hard disk, and could also make it possible to control a computer remotely.

The research could eventually allow scientists to monitor a machine remotely from anywhere in the world, and it could help them develop new applications for remote monitoring, like remote sensing, remote diagnostics and remote monitoring of the health of patients.

The goal of the Stanford-led research is to make the new generation easier to use and to make data more accurate.

The computer was the key to the new system, the professors said, because it’s easy to set up and maintain.

The sensors are used to control the computer, so that it can respond to a series of commands from a human operator.

For example, if you turn the laptop on, it automatically starts to record temperature data and humidity, then turns off when the laptop is turned off.

It could also be used as a monitoring device that could automatically turn on a computer when the temperature gets too high or when the humidity gets too low.

The problem is that the sensors are also small and the cost of them is very high.

The Stanford researchers say they’re using low-cost sensors that have been found in many other parts of the world.

For instance, sensors used in a large commercial refrigeration unit are very large and expensive to manufacture, so they’re often used for other purposes, such as to measure the amount and shape of the bubbles that form when a container is filled.

But the new sensors are small, inexpensive and, they hope, could be more accurate than the commercial ones.

And they have many other advantages.

For one, they can be used in many different ways.

For another, they don’t require much power.

The system, they say, could allow the researchers to monitor any device remotely, even if it’s a laptop computer.

The data could then be used by the machine to monitor what’s going on in a patient’s room or in the lab, they said.

The technology could also help them create new types of devices, like a device that can detect changes in humidity, which could help doctors work more efficiently in their hospitals.

For that to work, the sensors need to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

But even though they’re small, the small sensors are able to do much more than just measure the temperature and humidity.

They can also record the flow of water through a liquid, the volume of air that’s being blown around, the position and rotation of the Earth, the temperature of the water and the amount that’s changing in the water, and even the strength of the wind.

The sensor could be attached to the surface of the device to measure its position, and if the sensors get too warm or too cold, they will stop recording.

If you put a sensor in a glass of water, the water will freeze.

So you can do that with a small sensor, the researchers said.

They could also use the sensors to detect changes from one temperature to another, and to measure how much water is being pushed into the glass or how much pressure is being applied to the glass.

For these kinds of devices you need to know very precisely what temperature and pressure are coming into the device, so you can control it to be as accurate as possible, they added.

The other advantage is that these sensors are cheap to make.

The materials used for the sensors, such a plastic and copper, cost about $10 per unit, and they are relatively easy to produce.

There are other sensors that are similar, but are expensive.

And if you’re using a sensor with a high resolution, like the ones used in the refrigeration units, you can make it much more accurate by adding a high-resolution sensor to the sensor itself, or by using different materials, such the silicon carbide or the magnesium alloy, which are cheaper and harder to

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