When will the first computer science class be taught?

We’re not going to teach any computer science classes, but it’s hard not to think about the days of the ’70s when computers were the norm and there was a good chance you would have been in a computer science classroom at one point.

And that’s what a few months ago the UK’s science education department, which oversees teaching in schools and colleges, was preparing for.

We were in discussions with the science teachers’ union about how to set up a course to teach computer science at the start of 2020, with the aim of starting by the end of the school year, but as a result of the Brexit vote we were forced to postpone the start date.

A few months later we’ve had to come up with an alternative.

But there’s nothing new about it.

The BBC was one of the first to report that we would be starting computer science in 2020 and now there’s some speculation that we could be doing it before the end by the start on December 1. 

So how will we teach? 

We’ve already been experimenting with how to teach it.

We’re already teaching two classes in computer science – one with people who are interested in the field and the other with people interested in careers in computing.

This is called ‘learning with computer science’ – the idea being that you will learn from the experiences of computer science students in one of these classes.

The second class is the first one that you would be taught by computer science teachers. 

The idea is that by learning about computer science and the skills required for it, you will gain the confidence to be successful in the career you want.

In this way, it will help to prepare you for the challenges of the job market and will help you to find an occupation that suits you best. 

In the next few months we will have an online class to teach this first course and a more formal course, where you will be taught in person, and we will also be working with schools to create a formal curriculum for this class. 

Why is computer science important to the UK? 

The UK is one of only a few countries that does not have an equivalent of the UK National Curriculum in Computer Science (NCCS), the national curriculum for all the subjects taught in UK primary schools.

That means that most students in Britain will not be taught the skills that we teach in our primary schools, but instead will be expected to take a course from a computer-science school.

We’ve tried to make this the most appropriate way for our students to learn about computer technology and its role in society and for us to be able to demonstrate our skills in the workplace. 

What’s the curriculum? 

Computer science is a core subject for our schools and is taught by leading computer scientists.

Computer science is taught using the ‘Big Five’ approach, meaning you will study the main components of computers in a particular domain and you will also get to know some of the theory behind it. 

How will it be funded? 

There are two ways to fund a computer course.

First, the NCCS National Currulum will be available to anyone who wants to take part in a course.

Second, the Computer Science Academy will be able offer students in a given year free online courses. 

Where are the courses being taught? 

Most of our courses are taught online, and the courses we’re offering are offered to students in all UK schools. 

Who can attend? 

You can attend as many computer science courses as you like.

However, the courses are currently limited to students from: Primary schools; universities; post-secondary institutions; and universities of engineering. 

If you want to know more about the curriculum, the links below will give you more information. 

A number of computer courses will be offered at different stages of the academic year.

For example, computer science 1A will be open to students at secondary schools from the beginning of the following academic year, and computer science 3A will open to all students from the end.

You can also take a computer programming course in your school or university. 

When will the courses be online? 

These online courses are available from the first of December.

You’ll be able learn about computers from a number of different perspectives and will be encouraged to take advantage of different topics and tools as you progress through the course. 

Are there any special circumstances to consider when planning a course? 

If your primary school or college has a computer skills shortage, you might be able get in contact with your local computer science teacher or computer science club to discuss the availability of computer skills for your students. 

Can we take a Computer Science course in another country? 

Yes, you can take a particular computer science course online in another countries’ version of the NPCS National Diploma or National Certificate of Study in Computer Sciences.

However we do ask that you contact your school’s computer science department for permission to take the course as it is a part

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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