How to help keep kids active while at school

Scientists have created a fitness-enhancing drug that could help boost performance and decrease depression in children with ADHD.

Scientists have created an exercise-enhancement drug that they hope could help teenagers and young adults get through high school.

The drugs are called biofeedback, and they use electrodes on the skin to monitor the activity of the body’s electrical signals.

They are part of a growing movement to develop new treatments for ADHD, an illness characterized by difficulty concentrating, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

The medications, called bio-feedback devices, are being developed to improve mental and physical health, improve memory, help people cope with stress and improve coordination and coordination skills.

A biofeedbacks device monitors the electrical activity of a child’s skin.

(University of Colorado, Boulder)The first biofeed-enhancers were developed by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, which is a leader in using biofeed backs to improve health.

This new device was developed by University of Washington researchers and was designed to monitor electrical activity in children.

“This device is actually a battery that can be attached to the skin, that monitors the activity levels of the skin,” said Amy Johnson, a UW professor of electrical engineering and computer science and senior author of the study.

It works like a battery on the inside of a wristwatch that can help the child monitor the electrical signals in their skin.

When a child has a problem, they can get distracted, they are unable to focus and their brain is able to slow down,” Johnson said.

What’s next?

Biofeedback can be used for a wide range of conditions.

It is also being used in a variety of areas, from preventing chronic fatigue syndrome to treating attention deficit disorder.

In the study, researchers tested biofeedBACK in a study with a group of children ages 3 to 6 who were enrolled in the Washington University School of Medicine’s Children’s Health Initiative.

They also enrolled a group that received a placebo in the study and a control group.

The researchers followed the children for four weeks.

After the study ended, the children were evaluated for symptoms of ADHD and depression, such as irritability, hyperactivity and aggression.

Then, after three months, they were tested for their blood activity levels.

The study found that the children with the biofeedBack devices showed significant improvements in their ADHD symptoms, but the blood activity showed no significant changes.

The children who received biofeed BACK showed improvement in their symptoms, Johnson said, but they also showed significant changes in their blood flow to the brain.

Researchers also found that they found that blood flow in children who had received bio-Feedback decreased significantly, with blood flow increased by about 50 percent.

The effect was similar in children in the control group who received placebo.

The results are promising, Johnson explained, because it’s the first study showing that the bio-BiofeedBACK device works as well as placebo for improving symptoms of depression in kids with ADHD and ADHD symptoms.”

It can be helpful in kids who have been depressed and anxious.””

It can also help children with attention deficit and ADHD.

It can be helpful in kids who have been depressed and anxious.”

Johnson said the next step will be to test the device in more children with other conditions that may affect blood flow, such in people with Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

She said it could also be tested in patients with other diseases, such dementia, to see if it works as effectively as the placebo.

If approved, the drug could be on the market in about two years.

Johnson is not the first to develop a biofeed back device.

In 2014, a research team at the California Institute of Technology and University of California, Berkeley, showed that a bio-feeding device could be used to help children who are severely disruptive to school.

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