J.Ramniwas – M.Sc, M.Phil- Medicinal Chemistry
(International Numerology-Astro-Vastu Expert)

Before you read further,kindly note that your attitude and aptitude should be scientific as we do not support superstition and orthodox practices.We suggest only scientific remedies with adequate justification.Our endeavour is to provide you the best possible solutions to your problems.
“Consult Today for Peaceful Tomorrow!” Enjoy health & happiness, progress & prosperity.”

Dear Friends;
Greetings from Sai Astro-Vastu Insights (SAI)
As you know the destiny sciences play great roles in shaping our lives. We have dreams and desires to be successful in life. But we have to face many hardships to make our dreams come true. There may be many reasons behind this. Role and impact of planets is one of them. One person who does not have much knowledge and skills is leading his/her life as a king and on the other hand, the other one who is intelligent and has all skills but leading a life of a common man.

As we know all diseases have medicines, similarly all problems have solutions. It depends upon the doctor how he/she is going to prescribe the medicines to get the patient rid of diseases. Similarly destiny sciences also have solutions to all day to day problems and if try to understand the logic scientifically, we can get the permanent solutions to our problems. Nobody can challenge the nature and God’s realm but we can find solutions of problems by taking support from the nature only.

We have been offering solutions through destiny sciences since 1991 for health, wealth, prosperity, success in all endeavours of life.
If you have any kind of following questions in your mind, you can approach us for the scientific solutions:
1. I am not getting the employment.
2. My marriage is getting delayed.
3. My health is not supporting me.
4. Is there Vastu defect in my house?
5. I am not getting promotion in my career.
6. My business is facing hardships.
7. My neighbours are not sociable in nature.
8. I am not getting results as per my efforts.
9. I am childless and want children.
10. My expenditures are more than my source of income.
11. Is my name lucky for me?
12. Is my car number lucky for me and my family?
13. Is my house number lucky?
14. What are my suitable colours for car, house, clothes etc?
15. I want to succeed in all my efforts and endeavours?
16. I want to own your own house, car and property.
17. Which career will be suitable for me?
18. What subject should I opt for education?
19. How to repay my loan without any problem?
20. I am not getting the suitable life partner.
21. I want to start my own business.
22. How to become rich and wealthy?
23. I want to get prepared my horoscope with accurate predictions.
24. I want to get prepared my Numeroscope with accurate predictions.
25. My son/daughter is not concentrating in studies.
26. How to keep my boss always happy?
27. What should I do to make my dreams come true?
28. I want my interior decoration of my house as per Vastu/ Fengshui.
29. There is no peace in my life.
30. How to get blessings of Goddess Lakshmi in my life?
31. How to win the litigation in the court of law?
32. What subjects my son/daughter opt for higher education?
33. What will be the most suitable career/business/ profession for my son/daughter?
34. Is the name of my business compatible with the type of my business?
35. Does the logo of my business suits my business type?
36. Is the colour combination of business website compatible as per my business
37. Is my visiting card/business card meeting the Vaastu requirements?
38. I want to buy a new house?
39. Is their possibility of my settlement in foreign?
40. What are the important combinations in my horoscope or numeroscope?
41. Do you want to get audited your office,house or factory?
42. There is a discord in my marital life.
43. Can I gain profits in speculation or share market?
44. What is my lucky stone or lucky yantra or lucky mantra for my prosperity & success?
45. Will I succeed in getting ancestral property?
46. Is my signature favourable for my growth?
47. Is my house/office/factory Vaastu compliant?
48. What should be the placement of rooms/departments in my home/office/factory?
49. Can there be Vaastu remedy without demolition?
50. How to enhance positive energy in my home/office/factory?

Should you need any further support and assistance related to Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Fengshui, Graphology, Palmistry, kindly feel free to contact us at anytime.I am available in your city also.Just dial me and seek appointment.I am visiting all major cities and state capitals of India and capitals of South Asian countries.
Thanking you and best regards.

J.Ramniwas (MSc.MPhil)
Numerology-Astro-Vastu Expert( Supporting Celebrities, Corporate and Business Leaders)
(Center for Destiny Sciences)
102, Shraddha Saburi, Narayan Gardens
VUDA Road, Gotri, Vadodara -390021(Gujarat) India
Mobile: +91-955880 9128
Email: [email protected]
Website: jramniwas.com

We at ,Sai Astro-Vastu Insight (SAI) has been offering solutions pertaining to all aspects of life through Astro-Vastu-Numerology, Feng Shui and Palmistry since 1991.Many people from all walks of life have been benefitted by our endeavours and efforts. We extend support with scientific justification without making you fall prey to superstition and orthodox practices. Our customers are Corporates, industries, businessman, builders, politicians, professionals and bureaucrats from almost all fields. Reap the benefits without suffering and hankering anymore.

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